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Montreal Light Collective (MTLight) is a team of artists, developers and designers aiming at augmenting urban art through innovations in mixed reality technologies. Experts ingraffiti projection mapping, the collective now also develops augmented reality web apps using open source technology and offers different XR related training for all publics.

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Public and digital art

For cities and local agencies, MTLight offers a large-scale art production service. We produce murals associated with a mapping installation that illuminates and animates the mural. Our installation is semi-fixed, theft protected and intelligent, it can be installed for a determined duration or for a long time. We have the equipment, the know-how and a multitude of artists to introduce you to put in place great ideas and transform them into extraordinary projects.

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Interactive installations

In events, the audience needs to feel a connection with the works that are presented to them. We produce interactive projections using the latest technologies in computer vision, recording, sound and motion sensors to enhance the spectator experience and make them take part in the work. All this to create a unique moment for the art lover in all of us.

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Custom art and private collections

Your personal and distinctive tastes cannot be captured in a massive art production. If buying a mass-produced, pre-packaged art piece in a store doesn't seem like the best investment for you, we are here for you. Our team will take care of you from our first brainstorm to delivery of your multimedia work according to your specifications. We will accommodate you for all your projects, according to your vision, using the latest technologies on the market. sur le marché.

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Looking to produce visuals for your event? We offer a wide range of original content options for your event visuals (VJ, Mappings, Motion design) as well as a roster of animation and VJ talent. From conceptualization, through production and live performance, our team will guide you in creating the impact you need to make your event memorable.

Our team
Matthieu Mauss
Matthieu Mauss
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Zoltan Veevaete
Art Direction